Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Sneaky Intruder - ANAL SEX STORY

Al's pool party was a great success, as usual. A wild orgy was in full swing.

On a chaise lounge off to the side two guys were fucking up a storm. A redhead laying down had his legs spread while a pretty dark-harded boy was sitting on him, bouncing his ass up and down on his thick cock. Occasionally he'd bend over and they'd kiss. That position gave the third guy--a blonde kneeling on the deck--plenty of opportunity to play around. He was fondling the redhead's balls and stroking his cock...even licking his prick as it stroked in and out of the hungry asshole sliding along the fat shaft. He obviously loved the taste and smell of it, because several times he snapped the cock out, sucked on it, then stuck it back up the gaping asshole!

The top guy had a cock long enough that the redhead was able to lean over and suck on it. He was able to blow and screw the guy at the same time. That excited them both even more and soon he was blasting a thick load into the amber-haired guy's mouth.

After getting it all, the redhead threw his head back and gulped the jizz down as he shot a hoseful of cum up the other fellow's butt.

When the dark-haired guy hopped off, the blonde went down on the redhead's big prick and cleaned if off. He lapped up the cum and assjuices and carefully sucked on the particularly- grungy knob. Apparently it wasn't as sensitive as you'd expect, because the redhead allowed him to suck on it all he wanted... in fact, it never went soft. No wonder, then, that the blonde was soon straddled over it, stuffing it up his own asshole.

Like a carnival ride, the redhead proceeded to drub the next horny rider. He couldn't reach close enough to suck it, but he jacked it until the blond took over and jerked a big load over his face and into his open mouth. This time the redhead didn't come up his ass. Instead, he licked the cum off his lips while he forced the guy's head down to clean his slimy prick again.

The blond wasn't in any need of persuasion, however. He shamelessly lapped up his own assjuices and shit streaks and blew the pretty redhead to another thunderous orgasm.

Activities were taking place all over.

Near the bushes were two of the youngest boys. One was crouched down giving the other a blowjob.

"Yeah, Barry, suck that muther. Isn't this great?"

Barry looked up. "Sure better than when my Mom caught us!"

Another cute young blonde noticed a naked guy sitting on a 4 ft. garden wall staring at him. He wondered why he hadn't seen the stud before, he wasn't the type he would have missed. And when the guy came toward him, his heart started pumping faster.

"Hi. You wanna make it with me," the guy asked seductively.


"Great. Uh, stick your tongue out for a second, willya. As far as you can. Fantastic. Why don't you lay down on that mat over there."

The blonde did, expecting to sixty-nine. He was wrong, but not disappointed.

"Okay," the guy said, squatting over his face, "I want to feel you lick my asshole first."

The blonde wasn't adverse to doing that with the guy at all. So when that pretty ass came down and that hairy crack split apart, he was ready. Then he started having some misgivings when he smelled it. By then it was firmly pressed against his mouth. He'd licked dirtier ones on rare occasions, but he was rather surprised that a guy would come to a party unwashed...especially jumping into an orgy like that.

"Ah, yeah, do it. That tongue reals righteous, man. Lick that fucker. Oooh, lick it all over. That's great. Ah. Now ram your tongue up there and lick it out. Oh yes! That's wild. Clean that fucker out for me, dude. Wash it out!"

The kid put his mouth and tongue to work, sucking the hairy asshole and sloshing the insides out. Maybe it wasn't so fresh. Maybe it was downright raunchy. But it turned him on hearing how it was turning the guy on, and he hoped it might make the stud want to get fucked. Otherwise, he was more than willing to throw his own legs in the air.

Suddenly, the guy climbed off.

"Thanks, dude, that was trippy. You really dug that stinky shithole, didn't you? Well, see you around."

"What? Hey, where you going? What gives?"

The stud knelt down and whispered. "Sorry, pal. I'm not a faggot. I was checking things out through a crack in the fence and wanted to see if a queer would eat my dirty ass. Hey, no offense, it felt great, but I gotta split before they catch me."

"Wait. Nobody's gonna care."

"Well, I don't do it any more, but when I was younger I used to see the owners and call them dirty names and yell out insults. They don't wanna see me around here."

"Damn! I wanted to eat you out some more and let you fuck me."

"Even after the dirty trick I pulled? I knew my crack was grungy. That's what made it all the more exciting."

"Uh, for me too!" the blonde blushed.

"Hmm. Say, if you wanna slip over the back fence, I've got a couple of buddies over there that could sure use taking care of. Wanna do some horny straights dudes? Can't guarantee the state their bungholes might be in, but probably not any worse than mine. That's not a promise, though. One guy's really good- looking but he's a real slob."

"Sounds neat. I didn't mind licking your smelly hole because you're hot, so I guess I wouldn't mind licking his. Besides, a guy will go further than usual when he gets to do a straight guy. Can I come over naked?"

"Sure. I did. Let's go blow their minds. Then you can blow all three of us. Guess you'd better eat our asses first so we don't come too quick. I wanna fuck you, they might want to try porking a dude up the ole turdhole, too. Come on!"

They casually walked to the back of the yard.

"Hold on a minute," the guy stopped.

"What for?"

"Lemme check this out a second."

Nearby a guy had another fellow doubled over, kneeling there lapping away at the spread open asscrack, giving him a tongue bath. One of the guys nearby was watching with interest and definitely excited.

"Yeah, eat 'em, Marty! Aw, fuck, that's just the kind of butt I love to bury my own face in. Nice tight buns and nasty line of fur up his crack. Looks yummy. I go nuts over butts like that when they're hot and sweaty and really stink after a hard day. Remember when they built the bank? Used to sneak in back and do construction workers. Six or seven of 'em used to amble on back and let me eat them out and blow 'em. I didn't make no bones about it, either. I told 'em any way at all. I like 'em wet and stinky, and shit around the hole wouldn't bother me in the least. They believed me, and many times I'd be back there with a big shitty ass being pushed in my face while I happily lapped their crap off!"

"God, Charlie, you gotta be blatant? We know you're a total pig, why broadcast it?"

"Turns me on. Besides, a lewd reputation sometimes gets surprising results. Couple times guys have come up to me saying they'd always wanted to watch somebody eat them out when their assholes were filthy...would I be interested? Fuckin' A I was!"

The stud snarled in a low hiss, "Now, that's the kind of faggot that gives the rest of you a bad rep."

"Isn't that the truth!" the blonde chuckled, then sarcastically added, "That's why you're dragging me home to finish cleaning your dirty butthole out."

"Okay, okay. I guess it's just a matter of...heh, I don't wanna say taste.

"You straight guys are such hypocrites. Everything's sick and perverted...until you're horny. Then it's a different story. I suppose the hose games over there must really turn you off."

He was referring to the two guys on the other side of the pool taking turns sticking the hose up each other buttholes then squirting the water out of their assholes while the guys in the pool laughed and opened their mouths.

"Jezzus! I just hope they didn't do that in the pool on the first couple of loads!"

"If they did, I missed it."

"But you wouldn't be surprised, would you? Heh. Actually, it looks like a lot of fun, but only you queers would have the balls to actually do something like that."

"Say, how much time have you spent peeking over the fence, anyway?"

"Lots. Alright, it turns me on. But don't tell my buddies, okay? Come on."

He had the blonde wait in the kitchen. "Now, don't mind how I talk. You know, image and all...high school boys?" Then he winked and walked into the living room, coughing.

"Hey, Brad, done peeking at the queers already?"

"Gives him a boner, I bet. Hey, how come you're fucking naked?!"

"Yeah, just cause that faggot shit turns you on, don't look at us!"

Brad reached back and pulled the naked blonde around the doorway.

"Men, I went shopping and brought us home a cocksucker. Glenn said he was bored over there blowing a bunch of fags and would love to come over and service real men."

They gaped in shock at the naked guy...and his half-hard cock hanging there.

"Jezzus! Are you serious?"

"I think he's finally lost his marbles. What're we supposed to do with him?"

"Nothing, dudes. He's gonna do it to us. All we gotta do is lay back and them him take care of us. Don't tell me you two horny bungholes are gonna turn down a blowjob from a pro? And he loves sucking assholes! Licked the shit off mine and tongued me out like a bowery madam. Ever had your shitholes licked, fellas? Ever felt a tongue up your rump giving you a roto- rooter? He's ready, just as soon as you take your pants off and bend over. Kneel on the edge of the couch and show him your smelly cracks. It'll give him a boner and make his tongue flick in anticipation. Come on, you pussy wimps, we got a punk ready to let us use him. We can even fuck him up the ass. Hell, even after that he'll still blow it while the next cock's shoved up his hole!"


They quickly stripped and knelt in position. Surveying the two naked butts being shown off, Brad voiced his own opinion on the dual sight of his best buddies' hairy asses.

"Dan's looks bad enough, but that's just fucking gross! Oh, Christ, Tony, you oughta never spread your cheeks open in front of anybody that isn't blind. That's repulsive! You ever wipe your ass?"

"Uh, sure. I think I did. What the hell's wrong with my ass?"

"Nothing wrong with your hairy ass besides being as big as the caboose of a train. It's all those greasy black curls down your crack and that huge crinkled ball of flesh in the middle that looks like a bunch of hemorrhoids in a circle with crap pockets. It's up to you, kid, you sucked mine. But that sure looks like it's gonna stink a whole lot worse!"

"A-actually," Glenn softly muttered, "it kinda turns me on. I sorta like it when they're kinda ugly and obscene-looking... and a little smelly. Guess I'm weird."

"Nope, just queer. Tony, clamp that reeking pit closed so it don't air out too much. Our guest likes 'em ripe, so save that horrendous aroma and watch him tongue the fuck out of Dan's rearend first."

Dan chuckled and wiggled his butt. "Yeh! Always wanted a slave. Show me what it feels like when you fags suck each other's shitholes. Show me how you dig my taste and wish I'd just taken a shit! Um, he ain't gonna split if I say something that hurts his feelings, is he?"

"Naw. I promised no rough stuff, but you can say what you want. He's a cocksucking fag that takes prick up the ass and licks shitty turdholes. You couldn't offend him unless you said he did a lousy job! Uh, you are good on the blowers, aren't you, kid? We're all jocks, so a lot of our brain matter ended up in our pants. We got heavy meat."

"As long as I control it, I'm good at taking guys down to the balls. I just can't handle somebody trying to fuck my throat like a cunt."

"Your way, man, you're providing the service in this whorehouse," Dan promised.

"Okay, Glenn. They're all yours."

Glenn wasted no time getting down behind Dan and poking his nose up there. He sniffed around Dan's asshole and rubbed his nose over it and up the crease of his cheeks. His tongue soon followed the trail and he began to lap the guy's sticky crack all the way from top to bottom."

"Mmm, that feels kinda neat," Dan squirmed.

"He's just taking in your gamey odor and licking the grease from between your buns. Wait'll he starts to suck your hole. Yeah, there he goes. Suckin' right on that nasty old doorway to your turd cabinet, wondering how soon it'll spring open and do something naughty that nobody ever gets to watch cause it's so disgusting you do it in secret and even feel guilty if you look down and check it out yourself. Bullshit. I'll bet you look your turds over every time, doncha, Dan? 'Oooh, that's a good one. Aw, yesterday's was bigger and chunkier...a real beauty."

"Shut up, Brad. We don't want to hear your own fantasies. Man, did my cock get hard fast. This is great, lemme enjoy it. What's he...? AH! HE'S GOT HIS TONGUE UP MY HOLE! Unh huh, do that, man, pry it right open. Here, I'll help. Get in there all the way. Oooh, eat me!"

"That's wild!" Tony cried, his neck twisted for a good look, staring at Glenn's mouth work. "Never seen anybody actually suck on an asshole. Sounds real sick but it sure looks hot and obscene."

"It will be sick when he sucks your ugly crapper!" Brad remarked snidely.

"Then you don't have to watch," Tony snapped back.

"Can't resist, buddy. It's like passing an accident. Might be real gory but you can't take your eyes away. You're keeping your crack squeezed tight, aren't you?"

"Yeah. But I'm gettin' a big boner waiting for my turn."

"Why don't you go ahead and switch, Glenn. You can go back to Dan later. Hell, you can suck ass back and forth all day. I'm gonna have more of that, too. But if you want Tony while he's good and ripe, now's the time."

Glenn gave Dan a big loud kiss on his asshole, then backed away. "Yeah, gimme the dirty one! I don't want to miss out on any of that hot stink. Scoot up there, Tony, and let me nuzzle into your crack and sniff it a while."

Glenn scooted over on his knees and got between Tony's outstretched legs and grabbed his pale, fuzzy buns. Then he stuffed his nose into the crease and began lewdly sniffing up and down the straight boy's reeking buttcrack. It was moist and humid in there and the pungent odor was strong enough it might stink up the whole room when he pried it open. That would all depend on whether it was from the buildup in the confined space--in which case he'd probably inhale it all himself--or if it was being emitted from something substantial like crusty shit around the boy's rim or a creamy buildup caked in the wrinkles of his anus from recently taking a shit. Either way, Glenn loved it. He always enjoyed a more challenging cleanup chore that took a long time to accomplish, but Tony's big asshole would be a delight to suck on even if it wasn't very filthy.

"God, how can he enjoy smelling that thing?" Dan cried. "I can smell it from here and he hasn't even spread it yet."

"Um, are you actually saying your shit doesn't stink, Dan?" Brad teased.

"No. I just don't keep a bunch smeared around my hole to advertise it!"

"Well, you notice whose butt the kid was most anxious to cram his face into, don't you?"

"Yeah, but he's a queer."

"Well, I guess that makes Tony's keester queer bait!"

"You fuckers are just jealous cause somebody who knows how to appreciate it is on his knees getting lots of pleasure out of it. Either that or he's one sick puppy who likes to wallow in filth, because my ass is dirty and he's sure sniffing it like a dog in heat!"

"Damn, it stinks in there!" Glenn gushed, backing off. "I could sniff you all day, Tony, but I can't wait to taste your crack and your asshairs and tongue the cheese out of your wrinkles!"

He grabbed Tony's buttocks and yanked them wide open. A gush of rancid fumes came billowing out that would have been horrendous to most people--including Tony if his face had been this close--but it was that very 'boys room vulgarness' that made it such an alluring perfume to Glenn. No longer would he deny it...to himself or others. And definitely not at the moment with such an opportunity to indulge himself. He thumbed in to spread Tony's rubbery anus open and studied it.

"Beautiful! Fat nubs, pink and brown and purple. It really does look like some kind of weird growth full of bubbling shitjuice ready to explode in your mouth like a balloon. And those are definitely streaks of fresh shit inside where it's bright pink. Nope, you didn't wipe it very good, Tony. Naughty, nasty boy. I'll check later, but I'll bet you got a bunch of poop in the seat of your pants. You're just lucky I showed up when I did, fella. Get up close, you guys, and watch your hairy-assed buddy get the shit licked from between his cheeks and his steaming rectum tongued out by a queer who loves dirty assholes because the smell makes his cock so hard he wants to lick the shit off and suck more out of the hole!"

Glenn took a deep breath, realizing he was so intoxicated and overamped he was blathering. Before he started trying to outrage them with more unnecessary smut, he quickly undertook his primary mission. Let them fend for themselves. He had a gorgeously grotesque banquet before him and he started to lick it. As he had with Dan, but with a higher degree of passion, he laved the deep, greasy gutter above and below Tony's ring. His tongue dragged up the crease, flicking around the sides, tasting every subtle change in the crude mixture of tantalizing flavors. Fresh sweat, old juices leaking from the pores, fresh shit and some tidbits that may have been a month old, lint from his skid-marked underwear, and sticky little foreign objects that clung to his asshairs. After lapping the moist crevices on each side of Tony's hanging balls, and over the back of his nuts, Glenn growled and attacked the big juicy hole itself and put his depraved exhibition into full gear.

Dan and Brad watched intently as Glenn shamelessly cleaned the perimeter of Tony's shitty asshole, nibbled the bulbous pouch of purple nodules that made up his pooch, then pried the center of attraction open once more and salaciously cleaned it out with slow, fluttering twists and probes of his born-to-the- butt stiff tongue. No question about it. Dan and Brad clearly saw the streaks of shit being slupped off and slurped out by Glenn's determined licker and drawn into his mouth to be tasted and consumed. It was the dirtiest thing they'd ever seen a guy do. Though unquestionably the little queer's mouth was full of Tony's shit flavor, the kid continued to drag as much as possible from that stinking pit by thrusting his tongue up the jock's rearend as deeply as he could and rapidly tongue-fucking it like a lizard on speed. Up the hole, into his mouth. Coat his tongue, taste what he found. Thrust and parry. He'd shove in and lick around in a circle, trying to reach every available pocket that might have some mush hding. Then he glued his mouth over the opening and sucked Tony's shithole just because it was so big and fleshy and nothing in the world was more exciting than sucking another guy's asshole! Clean or dirty, shitholes were meant to be nursed by Glenn's obsessive, loving lips.

Tony, meanwhile, was in constant awe. He was panting and stroking his throbbing, dripping cock, lost in the stratosphere of calm turbulation having a guy doing between his cheeks what no one should ever do and what he'd never imagined anyone would do! But anybody could do that sick thing to him five times a day and all Sunday! If he had the fucking money, he'd buy himself a queer and give him a cot next to the toilet!

"How's it going, Tony?" Brad finally blinked from his trance.

"Wunnerful!" Tony muttered breathlessly.

"Kid lapped the shit out of ya! Dug right in and wiped it up with his tongue and ate the streaks and chunks. It ain't filthy no more, pal. You just had your keester reamed out by a fruit that thinks your crap is fruity and delicious!"

"He's wunnerful! I'm gonna....ahh..."

Monitoring things subconsciously, Glenn was quick as a flash and ready. He ducked down and snapped Tony's fat cock and wrapped his mouth over the guy's pulsing knob just in time to catch the first deluge of boiling cream shooting from the pisshole. Several jumbo eruptions followed in quick succession as Tony bellowed and pushed his cock back between his legs so Glenn could get more of into his mouth. Glenn obliged, working his mouth up the shaft, trying to give Tony as complete a blowjob as he was able in that position, and gulping the copious spunk down his throat.

"I'd say he has a quick trigger, but who could take that treatment for long?"

"Sorta figured the kid would blow first," Brad remarked, "when that first tang of shit hit his tastebuds. Look at the fucking puddle of precum down there. His prick's been leaking like a faucet the whole time. Now that's excitement. Practic- ally a decent load and it's not even real jizz. Well, I say let's fuck him up the butt. Ole Tony's bunghole is gaping open so much we could probably fuck 'em both, Dan. One thing's certain. Whoever fucks Tony won't be getting any shit on his dick!"

"Funny," Tony scowled as he turned and sat on the couch, throwing his head back.

Glenn caressed his thighs and scooched in to lazily lap Tony's balls in a little gesture of gratitude. Then he got up and stretched, rubbing his sore knees now that he was once again aware of the world beyond Tony's valley of delight. He got a leering gleam in his eyes and lewdly licked his lips.

"That, you ignorant, pussy-whipped cretens, was yummy! Then again, if it wasn't for straight guys a poor queen like me would never find a nice stinky butt to wash out. I just wish one of you had the balls to blow me. Damn, my cock's hard. Any takers?"

"He's going into another dream state, Dan," Brad smirked. "Unless you wanna take him on. I wouldn't tell."

"Like hell you wouldn't!" Dan blurted. "Not that I want to, but I can see why a queer would. He's got a piece of meat as good as anything we've got."

"Thanks, fellas, but 'if you were a queer' doesn't help me much right now. I need what they call a man. You know, somebody fearless that knows the pleasure of going to his knees and worshipping another man without shame. There's a whole bunch of 'em next door, but I guess I'll bend over instead and treat me to some primitive male aggression so you can stay on top of things, so to speak." He grinned, enjoying the good-natured teasing.

"In faggolese, Dan, that means he wants screwed up the butt!" Brad snorted.

"Why don't I lay on the floor and Brad can fuck me while you sit on my face and I get back to that rimjob I never finished, Dan? Then you can fuck me or I'll blow you."

"Okay, but take it slow and easy on me. That shit's fantastic and you'll make me shoot a load too soon. Guess I just have an over-sensitive butthole or something."

"Great! I'm ready to fuck anything right now!" Brad cried, fisting his cock.

Glenn layed down and pulled his knees back. "Anything like this do?" He asked, pulsing his asshole in and out in blatant invitation.

"Well, I never turn down a twitching hole with hair around it," he said, kneeling down. "Except men with moustaches, maybe."

When Glenn pouted, asking, "Aren't you gonna kiss it a little first, baby?" Brad wiped his sticky head over Glenn's asshole and drove about three inches up his butt! Glenn grimaced, reminding him to take it easy at first...that wasn't a cunt he was plowing.

Brad winked devilishly. "Then don't give me any more sass, cocksucker." He slowed his entry while Glenn pulled Dan's butt down to his face and started licking it.

Glenn relaxed quickly and Brad began screwing him faster, steadily increasing his strokes until his entire prick was stuffed up the boy's rectum and the fucking bell began to ring all clear. Getting onto his toes, he soon had Glenn's legs wrapped around his back as he plowed downward into Glenn's warm, clutching depths. Brad loved the position because he wanted to slam the kid. He wanted to fuck the little queer's ass off the moment he realized Glenn was humping back, just as hungry for Brad's meat. The only drawback was that Brad had to twist his head to the side because straight on brought him in too close proximity to Dan's stiff boner inches away. Any real cocksucker fucking in that situation would be down on that cock in a flash, blowing his buddy while he gets a buttwash. But Brad wasn't a cocksucker. He was a straight dude who just happened to be fucking another guy up the asshole, letting a guy suck his dick, and letting a guy eat his ass. The way his prick was feeling up that silky tightness, he truly wondered if a stranger was sitting on the kid's face at the moment, would he still be as adamant or would he go down, down, down?

Dan was oblivious. His head was thrown back and his eyes were closed, enjoying the sensation of that wet tongue lazily flicking about between his cheeks and probing into the confines of that sensitive portal hitherto reserved for flushing his turds. The realization that Glenn was so entranced with doing it precisely because it was his turdhole, resulted in a constant barage of tiny electrical shivers of forbidden lust coarsing through his naked body. He rather wished his asshole had been as grungy as Tony's, intrigued to know whether the weird little faggot would find his shit as enticing...or maybe even go bonkers over it and demand some au natural! Butthole to mouth in one filthy extravaganza of depravity!

(Man, this gutter action is way too powerful on the senses. I gotta get those dirty ideas outta my head before I start suggesting really disgusting things we could make him do! Dan thought, trying to break his train of thought. Besides, just because the kid licks assholes that are...well, still have a little shit on them...doesn't mean he'd want a guy to do anything as gross as actually shit a turd into his mouth!) Dan suddenly hopped off and got down with his head next to Glenn's.

"I gotta know. Would you let a guy take a shit in your mouth? Are you that dirty, that you'd let a turd slide between your lips from some dude's asshole? I can't get it out of my mind and I just have to know one way or the other."

Panting from the heavy fuck he was involved in, Glenn gasped with a breathy incomplete smile, "I don't know, depends on the guy. You offering?"

"No, no! I just...I don't know, forget it. I gotta go get a drink of water."

After Dan scurried off to clear his head, Brad chuckled. As close as he was, he heard the entire exchange.

"Sounds like you've been churning my buddy's bowels a little to much down there. Gettin' heavy duty urges that'll have dung flying everywhere before long."

"Naw," Glenn giggled. "He's just overamped and overwhelmed. He's just curious how far I'd actually go. Seeing me lick a shitty asshole clean, then watching a prick up my hole and feeling me darting in and out of his rectum obviously searching for a taste of what's up there--and there's only one thing... shit. I like tasting shit and his shithole is on my mouth. Naturally he wonders what I'd do if he suddenly began to take a dump."

"What would you do? No, don't tell me. I don't want to know. If you do it, I don't wanna see it. If you never have, I don't have a doubt in the world that you will some day."

"Fuck me, Brad! Drive that big prick up my ass and fill my guts with gallons of hot balljuice! Then Dan can climb on and take his mind off big steaming turds shitting into my mouth and concentrate on normal stiff prick screwing the daylights out of fag slutboy."

Within a minute they were both moaning and groaning, humping in furious unison, Brad slamming his cock viciously into Glenn's totally receptive cockpit. Even Tony was alert and over his exhaustion, watching them as his prick began to slowly rise again. Dan walked in just as they bellowed out their mutual climax and slowly wound down as their passion subsided, leaving them dripping sweat and gasping.

"Sounds like somebody sure got their rocks on this block!" Dan chuckled, his fist stroking the overworked erection still at peak engorgement.

"You're in the saddle, pal," Brad said to him. "Trust me, he's a better piece of ass than 80% of the cunts I've fucked. Sloppy seconds don't mean a thing. He can clamp those muscles around a joint and milk it 'til your teeth chatter."

"I'm a little creaky in the joints," Glenn complained, turning over. "Lemme get on all fours, if that's okay with you, Dan."

"Sure. You don't need a rest? You just unloaded. I'm rarin' to go, but you're too cool a dude for us overdo taking advantage of you."

"Naw, shove it up my ass, man. Brad and Tony had ball- shattering comes, and you need one real bad before you cream your knuckles. My asshole's probably stretched so wide from that porking you can slide right in before my muscles snap back into place. Besides, I love it. Once took four guys in succession, and came each time. Of course, all those other queers that kept coming over and sitting on my mouth the entire time helped a little."

Dan eagerly got behind Glenn's butt and looked at his asshole. It was cherry red and puffed up, and it definitely had an open, drafty look to it. Aiming carefully, Dan shoved his prick into the dark interior and easily sailed free. His nuts were nuzzling Glenn's hanging balls before he felt the clench of silky anal flesh wrap around his shaft and say Howdy!

Glenn glanced up seeing Brad patiently kneeling there with his slimy cock at half-hang and a gleam in his eye. Oh yes, that's right. "Fuck my hole, Dan. Fuck it as slow or fast as you want. Bang the crap out of me if you're borderline, or pump my sloshy rump for the next hour. My ass is yours to use, man. But if it'll turn your stomach or make your nuts instantly crack, look away, because I have a prior obligation to perform and it'll only make my juicy bung all the more eager to have you stuffing it."

With that, Brad scooted up until his slagging cock was brushing over Glenn's lips. He had a prick to clean, and damned if the fucker didn't smell delectable! There's always a bunghole among bungholes that refreshes without fail. No amount of fatigue or sated libido can contend with the recuperative powers of Glenn's own essence. The smell he was inhaling rushed to his brain. His cock began to instantly fill with pulsing blood as the aroma he adored above all wafted up his nostrils. Never, in all his couplings or sessions of group debauchery, had he hesitated for a second when confronted face to face with a cock freshly withdraw from his own rectum. Slick or caked in filth, he always accepted a prick he'd been fuck by...into his mouth to be sucked, licked, and thoroughly cleaned. A monstrous glob of his creamy shit is the closest he's come to eating a turd, but he has absolutely no qualms about mouthing his own shit from a guy's cock. Yeah, he eats it. He eats it, and he loves doing it. And he loves having an audience watching him!

Brad's cock was cum drenched and covered with slimy juice from his rectum. There was some shit on the knob and more beneath the ridge. What you might describe as decently respect- able for a guy to suck on from anybody's asshole, Glenn savored the bittersweet sourness and zesty tang his rectum produced in abundance. He gripped Brad's shaft with two fingers at the base and lifted it so the man could observe every obscene lap his tongue took along the sticky shaft, and every smooching movement his mouth made as the cheesy flecks and brown shit were kissed off the knob and dragged from the most reliable, unfailing spot for hidden treasure...the natural shit-capturing ridge under the cockhead.

It was understandable that Glenn had a special attraction to guys with fat, bulbous cock knobs. Not only were they suckable delights, but loyal confederates in the quest to supply a wonderful stuffing fuck while doubling as a magnifi- cent collector of deeply entrenched goodness from upper colon to Glenn's lips and back down again. And how those guys get a charge out of watching him scoop that crap out from beneath and swallow it down with wanton, unbridled depravity! Lots of guys eat out dirty assholes, and more than a few will gladly take a man's turd into his mouth, but there's something extra filthy watching a cock-sucker eating his own shit from your prick with shameless adoration!

"That's it, dirty boy," Brad patted him on the head, "clean that stinking meat. Hot little queer has another big cock up his ass while he eats the shit off the first one. Then he's gonna beg for the second one the moment it slides out of his cum-filled cock hotel and suck it madly, desperately, hoping it brought something nasty up from the basement--something real nasty and brown and stinking. The stuff he makes special peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with when nobody's looking!"

"Jezzus, Brad!" Tony scowled, admonishing him. He'd been standing there since Brad's cock first went to Glenn's lips. He wanted to see him clean it off. "Sometimes I think you're more disgusting than he is!"

"Picturing him shitting on a piece of bread doesn't tickle your sense of humor, hunh?"

"It does mine," Dan surprisingly interjected with a contented smile as he tossed his head around dreamily with his eyes closed, swaying to the rush of sensations flowing from the head of his cock up through his entire body as he sensuously shafted Glenn's smooth membranes and felt the intense heat of the rectal furnace tingling and massaging his shaft more intimately than any orifice had ever done. Part of his silly, detached grin was the enjoyable fantasy he was allowing himself to indulge in. The image of his cock rummaging around Glenn's rectum, undulating against the fleshy, living pinkness as it moved aside when he penetrated and tightened while retreating to keep a possessive, loving grip on his cock--pleading for a quick return. But the naughty image he allowed with secret glee was watching his cock at full penetration sliding along and pushing into Glenn's deeply situated pocket of warm, sensuous, creamy shit. Soothing his knob. Heating it. Making it stink and trying to cling on...some of the juices going into Dan's pores. All taking place in hidden secrecy...all purposely planned by Dan's brain with full knowledge of his perverted desires with no moral judgment involved. Even his shit contains intuitive knowledge that a visitor has come to be pleasured and soothed and coaxed into acting as a carrier to take the edge off a craving addiction that will not abate and must be fed. He chuckled aloud at the preposterous image of little turdballs carrying tiny suitcases as they hop onto his prick and cling tightly for the ride out. Yeah, they're causing all that tingling! Little turdballs digging their nails into my shaft and hanging on!

"You gonna rearend him all day, Danny?" Brad nudged his shoulder.

"H-hunh? Oh. Wow. I can't believe I still haven't come. Is it just me, queers in general, or does this kid have a magic asscunt or something? I don't wanna start blowing cocks or anything, but I could fuck Glenn every day and never miss pussy one bit."

"He's just a queer with an asshole, buddy. Okay, maybe a special queer with an asshole that's got a little magic. Alright, maybe even..."

"WHAT THE FUCK'S GOING ON HERE?" Somebody bellowed from the doorway. Startled, they all turned to see two big guys with real angry expressions. One had a gun!

"Hey, dudes!" Brad gushed pleasantly once he recognized who they were.

"Brad, you little turd, what the fuck's going on? Somebody said they saw you going over the back fence. What'd you fuckers do, drag him over here for a gang rape? Glenn, you okay, man?"

Glenn nodded, with a relieved smile. Dan was frozen on the spot...his cock still buried up Glenn's butthole, also frozen into rigidity.

"Glenn's perfectly delirious, as you can see, neighbors," Glenn chuckled. "He has a nice big cock up his asshole and a delightfully expressive huge grin on his satisfied puss. Is that the picture of tortured abuse, or a happy homo getting his every wish fulfilled?"

"Don't smart off, you prick. I'm too damned worked up for anything but straight explanations."

"Hmmm. Straight explanations, hunh? You would recognize something straight if you came across it, right? I mean, considering..."

The growing anger on the guy's face was quickly dissolved by the sound of Glenn's uproarious laughter. He, more than any of them, could see the absurdity of the situation and was too amused to break it up until absolutely necessary. But he couldn't control his outburst any longer. He giggled and added, "Keep fucking me, Dan. Let them work it out. We got business to cum-clude. Jigger me innards, matey!"

Cautiously approaching the men when the one guy let out an exasperated sigh and his body visibly untensed, Brad stopped halfway because he was unable to control the impulse for one last wisecrack and he didn't care to be too close.

"So, guys, how do you like my cock?" He gave them a huge grin, then quickly got serious just in case. "Listen, I know I've been a real prick to you guys all these years, and I sincerely regret it. I had no right, no reason, no excuse except that I'm a loud-mouthed asshole who can't think for himself so he goes with the crowd. But I hope you've noticed I haven't pulled that shit in well over a year. I don't expect your forgiveness, but I'd like a truce. This..." he turned and waved his arm toward the three naked guys, two in oblivious rut, since Glenn was not alarmed and Dan was too hot not to take his word for it, "is all my fault. But it's all fun and games. I got turned on peeking through the fence at all the butt-fucking and cocklicking and snuck over buck naked just to see if I could get this one nasty fucking kid to lick out my asshole. I sat on his face then I brought him home and he's been happier than a pig in shit doing me and my buddies... blowing, fucking, eating out dirty assholes. Well, you know him better than we do. Does that sound like it'd be rape or Disneyland to Glenn?"

"Glenn, you little slut! When we realized how long you'd been gone we panicked. And here you are peddling your itchy ass to all the neighbor boys, teaching them filthy things and making them crazy. Dammit, boy, you know how easy it is to turn a straight boy's head. Brad, it's good we got here in time. Say what you want, but two more hours and you fellows would have cocks in your mouths and shootin' your third or fourth loads."

"Dream on, Bozo!" Brad snorted. "I don't go that easy. Woulda taken him well into tomorrow afternoon before I ever sucked a guy's dick!"

That broke the ice and made everyone laugh.

"Hey, come in the kitchen and I'll get you guys a beer while they finish their butthole boning in peace. Come on, Tony. Aw, forget your fuckin' clothes. Who cares? Hey, Peterson, you never did say whether you like my cock."

With a big grin, his neighbor said, "Very nice. Very suckable. Actually, though, I've been eyeing your cute butt all these years."

"Well, buddy, here's the straight talk. It's available, but presently restricted to tongue action. However, in any range of flavor you might prefer. Glenn, as you might guess, had the Deluxe with everything on it...and that's what enticed him over the wall."

"Yeah, and he licked my ass inside and out and it was all shitty!" Tony blurted.

"Bet you tossed your marbles over that, didn't you?"

Tony sheepishly nodded. The man with the gun brazenly got behind Tony and pulled his buttcheek open and whistled. "Absolutely perfect for a dungheap, Al. Add shit to this crack and you got one mighty powerful stud!"

"Uh, yeah, Glenn said I sure stunk, alright," Tony giggled, "just before he licked it."

"I'm sure. But what I meant was real power. Seductive power. Shit on an asshole so incredibly gross as yours to start with, and you can have any man with those tendencies at your fucking mercy. Guys would fucking marry you, buy you yachts, just to have that keester to come home to and bury their tired faces in for relaxation. Even if you keep it wiped, you've got a gold mine between your cheeks. It's not my trip, but if you wiped after taking a dump, I'd buy you a pony just to suck it once a week!"

Tony laughed. Then he half whispered, "There's no shit on it now, mister. Glenn made sure of that."

Taking the unveiled hint, the guy knelt down and buried his face up Tony's butt and licked the big repulsive-looking asshole. Smiling, Tony brazenly doubled over and let the man suck his ass as the others watched with amusement.

"Tell you what, beanpole," Al Peterson dragged Brad's attention away. "You loosen up enough to give me a handjob, and I'll rim your sweet little butt with a few more years of experience than bumboy in the other room."

"Handjob, hunh? Fist around the old meat, pumpin' up the jizz? Wouldn't have to learn much to carry that out, would I? I'll shake on that. Hope you like your bungholes ripe and hairy. Hell, for you I'll even wipe it. Oh, damn, I did say any flavor of your choice, didn't I? I guess it's up to you, then."

"You little snot. Do I look like a pussy to you? When I do a man, I take him as he is. Who the hell do you think taught Glenn everything he knows? You're dealing with the fucking coach now, asswipe! You're not old enough to produce enough grunge to disgust me. You'd have to be laying dead in a field three days to stink enough for me to hold my nose. Of all the queers on the other side of that fence, you picked the two you'll never be able to humiliate. You just take as long as you like to let your buttcrack fester and ripen, then give me a call. I'll come over here, because by then the city council probably won't let you walk the streets without passing out gas masks. Course, I don't mind admitting a little preview would lessen my impatience. You know, if you just happened to bend over and find something real interesting in the linoleum to stare at for a spell, I might suddenly get real dizzy and just have to kneel down til I get my senses back."

"Golly," he spun around. "Tony sure seems to find something interesting on the floor." He bent way over, spreading his legs and exposing his asscrack to the man. "Wonder what he's looking at." Tony glanced over, stifling a giggle, as Brad winked at him. Together they both got rimmed deliciously by the gun- toting intruders--now pussycats--whose aggressiveness was all channeled into the pink wiggly things they were inserting into hairy young rectums destined to be the rage among the local buttsuckers if they played their cards right and carefully scheduled the use of Charmin!

Screams and cries came from the living room. Distinctly recognizable as the culmination of two heaving bodies sharing a moment of nirvana, nobody bothered to check it out. A minute later, however, Brad twisted his head and glanced into the living room to satisfy his curiosity. Sure enough, Glenn was on his knees before a wobbly-kneed, standing Dan, sucking his juicy pecker and licking up and down a shaft that most assuredly was a lot shittier than Brad's had been. Dan watched, rustling the kid's hair, finding the act not the least disgusting. His imaginary visit up Glenn's rectum had fully prepared him for this inevitable conclusion. He watched in awe and excitement as Glenn tongued the slop from his dripping prick and shamelessly ate the goodly amount of crap glued fiercely around his knob and the sides of his prick. He loved watching the boy eating his own shit and wished it was even filthier than it was. When it was complete, Dan leaned over and whispered something into Glenn's ear. A burning desire he had and a wishful, almost pleading, hope that Glenn's reply would be affirmative. Glenn looked up at him with an Oh, you would, hunh? smirk, and slowly nodded. They sat on the couch in a whispered huddle until the guys came out and dragged him out the door naked. He came over that way, he can damned well swing his bare butt over the fence again!

"Well, did I deliver?" Brad clapped his hands. "Was that a shit-licking afternoon of adventure or what? Guess you got short-changed a little, Dan. Tony and I both got rimjobs and sucked off in the kitchen."

"I'm satisfied. Might even get a little bonus later on."

"What's that mean?"

"Oh, never mind. I might tell you if it comes about."

"Well, if it involves Glenn, it involves something filthy. I'll use my imagination and...maybe go over some of the past comments and conversations of the day. I'll bet I can come up with a few speculations. Anyway, Al said any time they got a party going on, and especially a backyard full of naked queers, we're welcome to join in if we're in the mood for a bunch of fags crawling over us, worshipping every part of our lovely bodies with no obligations. See, let that be a lesson to you. Never go around yelling FILTHY QUEERS! and DIRTY COCKSUCKERS! cause you might lose out on a few years of hot action!"

-the end-


Having My Ass Creamed - ANAL SEX STORY

Recently, I've been in a dry spell as far as sex goes. I guess I haven't been putting forth 100% effort in seducing strange dick, so I've had nothing to write about. All of that changed last night, though, and I had an insanely hot and slutty experience- the kind of chance encounter that you think about when you're jerking off.

This guy has been sending me messages for about 2 months now, but he never sounded like he was all that serious about hooking up... I thought he was just another hornball who got off on talking about it without ever intending on going through- and I hate to have my time wasted.

Last night my hormones were raging and apparently he was in a similar mood. I was browsing my normal sex websites to see if there was any strange dick to be had- a medium butt plug stuffed in my hole and a greasy fist slowly pumping my aching boner. Out of the blue, the guy sends me an IM, which started like this:


==>BiCock65: You lookin tonite?

==>AnonPhuckHole: Yeah, what you have in mind?

==>BiCock65: I wanna fuck an ass.. need to get off.

==>AnonPhuckHole: Nice.. where and when? You going to unload inside me?

==>BiCock65: Married here.. can't fuck at my house. Yeah you don't want me to pull out?

==>AnonPhuckHole: Oh damn. no place here either. Fuck no I don't want you to pull out. That's what turns me on... you unloading in my ass and me going home dripping your semen.

==>BiCock65: Fuck that's hot dude. I have big property. I can fuck you out behind my workshop.. an acre away from house.. if you're cool with that.

==>AnonPhuckHole: Sounds good to me. Just tell me where to go and when to be there ... I'll be waiting on all fours or however you want me.

==>BiCock65: Perfect. Take [edit for privacy] to [edit] Rd. and turn right. Go about one mile until you see [edit] on your right. Turn there. That's my house on the corner. If you go past the main drive there is another left with no mailbox.. that goes to my workshop.

==>AnonPhuckHole: k

==>BiCock65: Dim your lights.. and pull in there. You can park behind my shop. On the backside there is a picnic table... take off your pants and bend over it and wait for me.

==>BiCock65: When I see you pull in I will head back there. Bring some lube unless you want to get fucked with spit. And don't talk or make too much noise.

==>BiCock65: After I cum... wait for me to go back in before you get dressed and leave.

==>AnonPhuckHole: Gotcha... will do. I should be there in about 20 minutes. cool?

==>BiCock65: OK. Bye


10 minutes later I am in my car and on the way. I brought along a bottle of lube as well as a blindfold. I wasn't sure, but it sounded like something he might be into. His place was pretty easy to find, although the road that led to his shop was pitch black and surrounded by a thicket of brush on both sides. It was all I could do to keep my car out of the trees, but soon enough I pulled into a clearing where the building stood and pulled quietly on the opposite side from the main house. Before I shut off my parking lights, I spotted the table and was glad I did... There was small, steep hill leading to it and I'd have surely fell and busted my ass trying to find it blindly. I got to the table and set the lube on the edge, then dropped trou and gave my pucker a nice coat of slippery lubricant. I tied the blindfold around my eyes and leaned forward so that my chest and stomach were laying on the table top. I spread my legs apart enough to give him easy access to my back door and then listened to see if I could hear him approaching.

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The man must've moved like a ninja because I didn't hear so much as a leaf crunch until he was 10-20 feet away from me. He wasted no time- unzipping his fly as he was still walking up to me. He grabbed the lube and it sounded like he poured some all over his cock and then he placed two fingers underneath my hole and squirted more than enough into my crack above his fingers... working it just inside my ass ring.

"Do I need to go slow or are you ready for my whole cock? I don't want to hear you yelp," he asked in a hushed voice.

It was then I realized that I had no idea how big his cock was (which was unusual for me not to ask.) Hell I actually had no idea what he looked like at all. Throwing caution to the wind, I told him to go for it... secretly praying I hadn't just made a big mistake that my cunt would pay for.

He dove right in. I felt the head of his cock nuzzle around in my butt for only a second before it found it's mark and pried my fuck tunnel open. He was definitely a nice size, but nothing so big I couldn't handle. After plunging in what I would guess to be about 7 inches I felt his bush and skin come to rest against my ass, telling me that he was as far inside me as he could go. He bounced against my hot hole a few times like he was trying to get a feel for riding my butt. Then he readjusted himself and grabbed me around the front of my hips and lifted my ass up into a better position, leaving my feet barely touching the ground.

Easily holding my thin, athletic frame where he wanted, he started to give me a nice deep fucking. Not so fast and hard that it felt like a jackhammer, but not so slow that it felt like he was trying to make sweet love to some virgin bitch. Occasionally, he would get a little more into it and bring his manhood all the way out of me on the backstroke so that he could feel the resistance of my sphincter as he penetrated it again. Meanwhile, I just grabbed either side of the table and held on for dear life. This went on for maybe 5 minutes, before his mannerisms became a little agitated and he started saying those things that many guys do as their nuts start to boil over. My unseen top was now jabbing his swollen, rigid prick into my asshole with determination.

"You... uh... want... uh... that... uh... fuckin... uh... cum... uh... bitch... uh... Don't... uh... you... uh?" He grunted, though I'm pretty sure it was more just to hear himself talk than to get a response from me.

Still, I responded, maybe just to hear myself, "Yeah... fuck... that... wad... deep... in... my... hole!" I felt his body start to quiver and he struggled to maintain his grip on my waist. Then he did something very hot. Holding me still, he withdrew his cock until the head was only half inside my hole so that when he started blowing his load I could feel the thick ropes of spunk gush against my insides. Some of the spooge even squeezed out of my loosened hole, but when the orgasm subsided he forced the jism back down into my guts with a few final thrusts. Then he slid out of my gooey twat and gave it a semi-light open handed smack- right on my gaping hole.

Remembering his instructions, I simply remained in position as he zipped up his pants and walked off with a satisfied sigh. I wasn't sure how long he meant... so I just lay there on the table with my leaky ass exposed to the world until I heard him re enter his house.

I took off my blindfold and quickly scooped the extra cum on my ass up and fed it to myself before pulling up my pants, grabbing my lube and getting back into my car. I smiled as I tried to find my way back out to the road because I felt that wonderful anal-numbness that you get after a good hard pounding. What a great way to jump back into the game, I though to myself. I could have gone home with my insides coated with man cream and been satisfied. Could have, that is, except that the fuck gods were apparently smiling down on me and I was about to get some unexpected icing on my cake.. well, icing in my cum hungry butthole.



Sunday, January 31, 2010

Second Chance

Things couldn’t be worse. I didn’t think the doctors had much hope for him, but I did. There was just no way that God could take him away from me so soon. Not when we had just gotten together, after five years of dumb stubbornness. It was finally our time and we had barely gotten a chance to enjoy it. Why did life have to be this way? Why did things happen when you least expected them?

Just last night we had had one of our rare arguments, but thank god we did. If it hadn’t been for that argument, we would still be trying to hide our feelings from each other. Last night was spent discovering our love for each other. There were no words, we didn’t need them, we were too busy showing how much we wanted and desired each other.

As I sat in the hard hospital chair, his lifeless body lay hooked up to machines. In spite of it all I couldn’t help but think back to last night. How I had loved having his body pressed against mine, it seemed like another world now. But it wasn’t, it was just last night when I discovered how passionate he could be, and how passionate I became in his hands. When his mouth was on top of mine I discovered how great kissing another man could be. His mouth, strong and warm pressed against mine was enough to get me harder than I had ever been. I realized yesterday that I was longing for the strength and passion that only another man could provide. Before then I had been wasting my time with women but all their kisses combined could never amount to one of Justin’s.

Why had I been so blind to see how attracted we were to each other? I thought as I buried my head in my hands. Looking back now there were so many signs, the way he would casually walk around the apartment with nearly nothing on, the way he would always make sure he was around whenever I was off or had nothing to do. We had been inseparable as friends and now as lovers we might never get the chance to be together.

Yesterday at the height of our argument, I threatened to move out. That’s when he snapped and grabbed me. He was a small guy with surprising strength. He caught me off guard and we both ended up on the floor, our mouths inches from each other’s, that’s when he went for it. He kissed me with more passion than I knew possible. The strange thing was that it wasn’t weird or gross. It was what I had wanted all along but was too scared to really think about.

When he kissed me I kissed him back, with as much passion as I could muster. I must have caught him off guard as well but if I did he didn’t show it for long. Instead he kept kissing me. We tore at each other’s clothes, not stopping until we both were completely naked, our cocks pressed together.

Before that I had never felt another man’s body. I hadn’t really thought about how all guys were different, and boy was Justin ever different. For a small framed body he certainly had a nice one. His cock was long and slim, with a large mushroom head hidden behind foreskin. I went down on it without thinking twice about it. Rolling back the foreskin with my hand, I engulfed him, taking as much of him as I could. I didn’t know what to do next. I was a total virgin when it came to guys. I just did what I would have liked, sucking on the head of his cock drinking up all the pre cum that was freely flowing from his slit.

I let my tongue then slide down his shaft, careful not to gag. I kept taking him in until I reached the base of his cock. It was such a thrill having his cock slide deep into my throat. I took in his manly aroma, a musky masculine scent that made my head spin. I started deep throating him harder and deeper, not stopping until I could feel his body trembling. His cock head expanded in the back of my throat before releasing a huge blast of creamy cum. I drank all of it and pressed for more. His salty taste was intoxicating. For my first time sucking cock, I definitely got more than I had bargained for.

Once he was free of any trace of cum, I let him go. Justin pulled me up towards him and took my mouth in his. His tongue searched my mouth for any traces of him. As we kissed, he wrapped his legs around my waist exposing his tight man pussy to me. I pressed down on it with the head of my cock, not stopping until it made its way inside. Being inside a man was completely different than being inside a woman; Justin was a lot tighter, grabbing a better hold on my cock.

Now, I’m not a very large guy, about six inches, it made it easier for him to take all of me. Justin’s ass was so tight, it had to be the first time he was getting fucked, but he took it like it was the most natural thing in the world. With his legs he pulled me deeper inside him. Each time I would pull out he would force me back inside, we did this for as long as I could stand it, which wasn’t long. I could feel the cum rise from my hairy sac to the tip of my throbbing cock. I held out as long as I could, enjoying the way his ass wrapped around my shaft and squeezed me every time I pulled out.

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He seemed to enjoy doing this to me and soon after he got his reward, an ass full of cum. If you could have only seen his face as my cock spilled its juices into him, each blast of cum was eagerly received. His ass milked my shaft for everything I had, which I gladly gave to him. He was my first in every respect, having just done things that I had never thought possible. After I finished shooting my load I collapsed against him, completely exhausted after all that had just happened.

With my head resting comfortably on his chest, we talked the rest of the night. We let everything out in the open. He told me how he had been in love with me since we started rooming freshman year in college. I told him how I couldn’t picture my life without him. I confessed how even though I had never been with a man or even thought about it, I couldn’t imagine making love to anyone else ever again. We didn’t move for the rest of the night, eventually we fell asleep, our bodies intertwined.

The next morning I woke up to the phone ringing and Justin gone from my side. Something inside me told me it wasn’t good. I waited until the last ring before picking up. As soon as I heard the lady’s voice I knew something was wrong, something had happened to Justin. I had been right. It was the hospital calling to tell me he had been in a bad car accident. They wouldn’t give me any other details.

I drove like a madman, nearly avoiding a couple of close calls myself, but I didn’t care. I needed to see Justin, I needed to know he was going to be alright. In the emergency room they didn’t want to let me inside but nothing could have kept me away, not even the threat of sedation was enough to stop me. Finally his doctor relented and let me inside ICU.

The heart monitor beat slowly as if barely holding on. I reached over and kissed him gently on the cheek, “you have to be ok” I kept saying over and over again. I’d say it a million times if I had to, just as long as he heard me and got better. I’ve never been much for prayers but I was praying with everything I had. Please Lord, listen to me, just this once don’t take this angel away from me, I prayed.

I didn’t hear the nurse come in, not realizing she was there until she tried to pull me away from him. The only sound was the steady beep of the machine. I held on as tight as I could even though it was a loosing battle but I didn’t want to let go. If I let go then it became a reality. If I let go I would know for sure that steady sound was the heart monitor telling me he was gone. The doctor came in and together they tore me away from him, “I’m sorry” that’s the last thing I heard.

I couldn’t understand what was happening. All I wanted was a second chance. Those were my last thoughts as everything around me went black.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Black and White - Interracial

I wasn't all that bad looking at 50, and had slowed down for a few years. I found a new attraction to interracial men, me being so white seemed to be different and fun. I also had found an interest in kinky stuff, but mostly watched that stuff on the internet.

It was a bit early at 9:30 a.m. heading for a class I took on Saturday for remedial to help along with being bored. So I hopped on the bus as I was too cheap to pay for parking pass.

I went to the back of the bus. Sitting on the side was a fairly-skinny african-american guy about 35-40 years old. Very handsome pretty good shape sipping his drink which he had in a bag.

He had loose t-shirt and loose pants on, I didn't want to stare at his crotch. Of course I could smell the alcohol in the drink. I sat facing him a few feet on the same side facing him.

I noticed a nice basket when he took a long drink from his bag and then stared at me.

"Hi Bro, nice morning huh?"

"Yeah-very nice", I said.

He looked at me with a neat smile and said "I was out a bit too late--haven't stopped partying a bit I like a good night. You play drink party?"

I laughed, "On occassion." He put his drink in between his legs-and sort of was pulling and adjusting himself.

He moved his drink and said "my tool has a mind of its own this morning." He showed me that he was hard. I could see that he was thick, not huge but short and thick. My dick started to get hard--and since I had shorts and boxers on, this was definately going to show from my crotch.

"I'm not gay, mind you-but I play when horned." He rubbed his meat a bit, checking to see if anyone else was looking. "You jack today, Jack?" He asked.

"I did last night." I was hard and was trying to adjust myself.

"Hey let it be there" he said pointing to my dick. "Let it be hard, man--ain't no one looking--hold it for me" I took my hard dick and showed him the outline.

He jerked his cock a bit and said "I like white meat, man--love to lick it, suck it--nice size you got man"

I was so hard now and so turned on over this erotic encounter.

"Would you love mine?" he asked. I nodded with a smile "Sure man, worship, lick it, no problem".

"You near here for some hot times-we can lick each other?" I was hesitant I had paid a lot of money for this class and was enrolled. I wanted to play with him, but thought better to wait.

I went into my backpack and wrote my email down. "Let's email we can set something up" I said.

"Sure" he motioned to put the paper with my email on it right on his hard on. So I reached over and he took my hand with his and squeeze his cock. I could feel that it was real thick.

"Squeeze it hard, it likes to leak all over man". I squeezed his dick hoping to see some precum come through, but it didn't leak this time.

"Do me yours", he said. So I took his hand and squeezed my dick with his. I was so hard I thought I would cum in my pants.

"My stop is coming up", I said,"I gotta get soft".

"No man-I wanna see you get up and walk with a big bone in your pants for me" he smirked.

I thought this was so hot I got up and walked off the bus with my hard on and turned to the window with a big hard on in my pants. It took a few minutes for me to get soft thinking about such a hot turn on this guy was doing on the bus.

I left class and went home. The email from him was on the internet chat room saying what a nice white dickey I had.

I got into a chat with him.

"So when is your next class?" he said.

"Next week at 9:30 a.m." I replied.

"What time do you hop on the bus?" He asked.

"At 9:10 a.m."i Said and told him the corner.

"Ok, so wear loose shorts so everything is hard and the air goes up your pants and I'll hop on the bus before you do."

I said-"loose shorts?"

"I will also, make em loose dude." he said.

The following week I wore black boxers with very loose shorts. I waited for the bus to arrive.

Sure enough I got on the bus and he was sitting in the same place as last week. I walked and sat in the same place I did. He didn't smell of alchohol but looked a bit buzzed.

"Morning man--empty bus good thing" he said. He was wearing short shorts baggie also with his nice black skin showing his legs. He had a nice pair of sandles on which showed off a long nice pair of feet. I stared at his feet a bit too long.

"Feet can be fun to play." He said.

"Feet are hot, yeah." I said. He lifted his left leg on the seat and adjusted his shorts.

"look down the tunnel" he said. I looked down his leg and could see a beautiful fat black cock hanging. I couldn't make out his balls though. I looked and stared as my dick began to get hard.

He tapped the seat so i would sit sideways with him on the bus. "Go ahead--make it happy" he said.

So I looked around, noone on the bus and put my hand up his shorts. I was hard as a rock and felt his soft skin. I reached his cock and gently squeezed the head. It was awesome, short and very fat.

It stirred and started to get hard while I was playing with it.

"Squeeze it, make it cry man" he said. So I squeezed his cock and could feel precum coming out from his fat cock now about 6-7 full inches. I moved down to his balls and touched them a bit. The bus jolted and I quickly removed my hand, but in the process smelled my fingers by accident. I knew I was caught doing that, smelling that lovely smell of crotch.

He jerked his cock a bit through his shorts, "man that is so nasty--you sniffing your fingers" he said.

"Sorry", I didn't realized I did it.

"No man, he said "Nasty is good, dude. Lift your leg up, my turn to get in the tunnel." he said.

So I lifted my leg and adjusted. He peaked down and my dick was already hard. He put his hand thigh and reached in for a feel. He played with my dick head and then went for my balls.

"Ooh you have some big basketballs there." he said as he felt my balls. "Damn, they hang to your hole", moved almost to my hole of which I thought he was going to finger. At this stage I didn't care I would have let him. He took his hand out of my pants and sniffed his fingers as I did.

"AHHHHHHhh-man that is ruby" as he sniffed his fingers. We got near my stop and once again he said "Show me your bone man as you get off."

I got of the bus with a hard on--and as he passed me on the bus I sniffed my fingers to my nose. Which he winked at me.

After class I couldn't wait to get home and jerk. The whole time was just so erotic. I had never every done anything as dangerous as this and it was making me horney. I even thought of jerking inside the school's johns but thought better to be at home, and who knows he might be waiting to chat with me on-line.

I waited on line at home. But nothing and no one got on. I got involved about doing chores and didn't jerk that afternoon, but his dick was on my mind. I thought maybe he thought I was too kinky after smelling his dick and precum? I was sort of mad. Then all of a sudden as I glanced at the computer he was there saying "Hello dude".

"Hi I wrote, sorry, I wasn't paying attention to the computer" I said.

"Did you wash your hands yet?" he asked. I was a bit confused, then I thought "oh god-the smelling of his dick".

"No, I haven't washed" I said He said "Me neither that white dick smells good, so what you all get into with a non-gay man?"

I was a bit confused, but I remember he indicated he wasn't gay. I thought for a second and said "Well jacking and licking, like you said."

"Oh Yeah that is going down." he replied and said "You like to lick all over?"

I hadn't rimmed in a long time, but I do like to lick on nipples and lick balls so I just said "Yeah all over."

"Me too--when I'm horned--all over feet to ears and back" he indicated and added "and you like smelling?"

"Yeah--I guess", being a bit embarrased again.

"You get freaky-and kinky?" he asked.

"Mostly jerk to it--haven't done a lot--sometimes a bit unsafe, I'm still hiv negative" I added.
"Clean as a witches' tit here--funky kinky is hot" he added. I was getting hard thinking were is this going and what do I say not wanting to reveal all my secret kinky fanatasies.

"Worked a bit today after I left your bone" he said and asked "you unshowered?"

"I haven't showered since this morning" I added.

"Funky, wanna smell each other later?" he asked.

I was floored and getting hard. "Smell each other?" I asked.

"Sure don't shower man--no cologne all good for the nose" he said.

"I don't wear cologne much" I added.

He asked "Give me your location man-I'll be there at 7:pm. we can play like on the bus" he said.

I liked that idea of just playing with each other's cocks and oral. I gave him directions to get to my pad.

UNCUT COCKS - For The Uncut and Foreskin Lovers

I was constantly hard from the thought of him coming over here and playing. I wondered how "freaky or funky this guy would be".

I straighten up the place a bit and sorta just didn't do much else after all I wasn't supposed to shower so this was easy. I waited until 7:15 p.m. and nothing. I got back on my computer and there he was saying "Hi whitey"

"Hi" I said. Thinking he was flaking out and probably making excuses. I waited.

"Got any juice?" he asked.

"Sure I said, whatever you need I have tea, beer, water, orange juice." I said.

He laughed "No, like VSOP or Brandy?"

"No, not much of a drinker" I said.

"Ok I'll get some for us" he said and hung up. I thought I haven't really drank hard liquor in a long time hope he just drinks it himself.

A few minutes later there was a knock at my door and low and behold there he was. The same sexy smile and the same clothes he had on in the morning.

"I got everything for a freaky night" he said.

"Ok" I thought I still didn't know what he was referring.

He made himself at home right away. Put down some stuff on the coffee table a bag from the grocery store and asked for some ice in two cups. I thought well I can handle a small drink to relax.
"I like to kick back a while before getting into the bone" he indicated. I brought the two glasses of ice and he had a small bottle of brandy and poured just a little into each glass. He picked up one and Picked up the other, he downed his and I downed mine. It was smooth not bad at all.

"That will kick in a bit" he added "you got a restroom dude?"

I Laughed "Of course, let me show you." I walked down the hall and pointed to the bathroom and he walked by me and cupped my balls before he went in. He immediately spoke "nice big bathroom" and dropped his shorts to his boxers and whipped out his cock for a hot piss stream. I couldn't help but stare and the nice stream that was being shown. I was loving the view and my dick was getting a bit hard. He noticed me staring at his stream.

"Looks like a fire hose, huh?" he asked.

"For sure" I said with a lot of enthusiasm. He put his dick inside his boxers and left a few piss spots in them.

He didn't wash his hands and said "Feelin good, now man".

I thought what a turn on for me-watching that hot piss stream and his leaving a few drops in his underwear.

We walked back to the living room and I was feeling a bit more comfortable.

"Is a few hours here to chill ok?" he asked.

"Sure, I have nothing to do until Monday" I said. He smiled and fumbled through his case and pulled out a joint.

"This will make you kickit and relax" he said and lit the item and passed it to me. I took a small puff as I didn't want to be totally buzzed, just relaxed. We both sat on the couch for about 15 minutes absorbing the silence.

"This is good--will kick it in a few" he said. I was ok with the shot of brandy and felt a bit relaxed. About five more minutes went by and I started to feel extremely loose and relaxed. I could feel tension released and more and more into the moment.

"I can see clearer now" he said "stuff kicked in". He made a long satisfying hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and leaned back.

I was really into the moment looking forward to playing with this hot guy. I was now getting extremely horny and a bit hard.

"I need to get these sandals off man" he said as he leaned over and took his sandals off. "Take your shoes off man"

he told me.

I took my shoes off more slowly than I ever did and took my socks off ever so slow.

"you have black mans' feet--long and narrow like mine" he said and "let me see them". I put my foot up to his crotch and he started to rub them. I loved how he handled my feet and then he started to lick my toes.

I was a bit ticklish but he would put a toe in his mouth and it felt so good.

"Can I do yours? I asked. He didn't answer but just moved his foot toward my crotch. He gave me his one foot and we both were doing each others feet. He started to get lots of spit and so I followed suit. It was so hot and so erotic.

I was so horny that I would do anything he asked me to do.

"Can you get us some water? he asked. I stopped and realized my mouth was also dry and brought us two large glasses of water which he drank in like 2 seconds and handed me the glass which I refilled. "Hold it there-I need about these waters". So I went back 3 more times to refill and watched him drink his water.

"I'm feeling high" he said "what you wanna do next?".

I was horny as hell and asked if he liked his nips played. He didn't answer but took off his shirt to expose the nicest nipples, not too big and not too short. He stood up and took off his shorts to expose his green olive boxers. I went over to start playing with his nipples and he was moaning. He took my hand and his and squeezed his dick making it drip. He put my fingers on his tip to feel the drip--I then took over and kept licking his nipples and squeezing his precum.

"Take five man" he said. And I was so horny--I didn't want to stop, but I did. He took another sip of his brandy.

"My turn" he said, you get something then I do. So that was the game. Ok. I thought what is fair is fair.

"Ok" I said.

"Let me see your bone man--take those off" he indicated to my shorts. I took my shorts off then my boxers.

He moved over to me and started to tongue my dick and balls--I was in heaven I thought I would shoot right there. I was even dripping a bit and he was so into licking and sucking me all over. I couldn't help wanting to do the same to him. I could see that he was dripping like crazy in his boxers which made me even hotter.

I couldn't belive how hot it felt when his mouth engulfed my entire dick. I had to stop him for I thought I would shoot.

"Sorry man--I can shoot and I don't want to right now" I said "my turn to do you".

I saw a big smile on his face as I made him stand up and I slipped his precummed boxers off him. There was the fattest cock I ever did see standing in front of me--just leaking with precum. I got on my knees and grab hold of his cock and wiped my lips with his precum and my nose. I never enjoyed a cock in my life as this one.

I licked the piss slit and licked his balls and engulfed his dick as best as I could, so he could feel what I felt when he sucked me. I was sucking his cock like it was going to be my last and was fantasizing the precum. I also was thinking about that big piss slit and the hot stream he showed me earlier. He was moaning and enjoying the moment. He gently broke me away and looked into my face "you enjoying that cock huh?"

"Yeah" I said.

"Lets break a minute for some juice" he said and poured himself another glass of brandy. I was feeling fine but drank some water.

"You feeling a bit nasty, like me?" he asked with a grin.

"Yeah I am" and smiled back at him.

"Take all your clothes off man-let me see all of ya" he requested. So I stripped slowly as I was really buzzed at this point. "Turn around man let me see your butt" he begged. So I turned around. "Show me your booty man-- and hole" he was jerking his cock. I put my hands on my ass cheek and moved a bit closer to him and spread my cheeks. He moved in close to see my hold and blew on it. "Can you make it dance? he asked. I though dance, oh I guess that means make it move--so I moved my sphincter muscle a bit. "Damn hot," he said..."Let me show you mine".

So he got up and took his boxers down and revelead his ass and moved his cheeks back so I could see his hot hole. He was moving his sphincter muscles inand out and his ass was 'dancing'. "Touch it there man" he begged, so I put my finger around his and it twitched as I play around his hole. I loved fingering his ass and I put a second finger there. He moaned and was jerking his cock loving ever minute of it.

"Lets do each others man" he stated. He laid on the couch and put his legs up and I did the same where we both had access to our asses--and poked each other's ass cracks. I was feeling so hot with both of us exploring our our butts. I was close to cumming and before I did--he starting shooting sperm all over himself--and I did the same.

We rested a bit and were both still horny.

End of Part one


Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Sleepover

Keywords: Boy / Boy, Cum Swallowing, Gay, Hardcore, Masturbation, Oral Sex

This is the story of my first time ever with a guy.

When I look back on it, I think that this whole time started at the night of my friends Bar Mitzvah. It this point, I was 12 and was about 5.5 feet tall. I was well built, had pretty strong legs and worked out regularly, so I had pretty big muscles. My friend, Josh, was 13, and a bit shorter than me. He was about 5 feet tall and had a sprinter's body. His parents had let him have a few friends over for a sleepover that night. At first it started out as a typical young kid's sleepover. We played video games, we drank soda, we played more video game, etc. I had been looking at every type of porn for about a year at this point, liking both pretty much the same, with a liking to gay porn better. So anyway, around midnight, Josh's parents went to bed. At this point, we were on a sugar high and were getting really horny. It started out with the three of us, myself, Josh, and our other friend, Chris, all striping down into our shirts and underwear. I remember that I was wearing blue boxer briefs, Chris was wearing blue-green boxers, and Josh was wearing red boxer briefs. At first we were just goofing around, daring each other to touch each others dicks through our underwear (mine was the main attraction as I was about 3.5 inches long hard at 12). Then, we started getting a little hornier, and started mooning each other, pulling down Chris's boxers to expose his butt, etc. And then suddenly, Josh dared me to hump his bare butt with my member. I jokingly said (but was really hoping) should I do my bare dick on his butt. He said no, just do it through your boxers. Well that wasn't going to stop me. Chris didn't want to see this, so he turned off the lights in the basement and Josh went onto the couch and put his butt in the air. Little did either of them know that as soon as the lights went out, I pulled my stiff member out and was getting ready to use it. I had seen anal sex before, but didn't know that you needed lubrication. So what happened was I rubbed my stiff member against his butt crack and started trying to force it in. At first he didn't say anything, but then suddenly he said to stop, that that was enough of that. So I quickly pulled my briefs up just as the lights were coming up. We didn't talk about it for the rest of the night, but I had to go the the "bathroom" about 10 minutes later. That was probably the very first time I had every done anything with a guy.

Fast forward 3 weeks later. I get a call from Josh again, asking if I wanted to have another sleepover at his house. I said sure and asked what time. I was planning on jacking off (by this time I was 13) but I half-expected something to happen, so I held off. When I got to Josh's, it was pretty much like any typical sleepover before. We had pizza, watched some crappy movie, and played video games until 12:30. While we were sitting there playing Super Smash Bros., Josh lost and then said that he was bored. So I said, well, what do you want to do? And he replied that he wanted to do something like what we had done 3 weeks ago. I thought about what we could do and thought about masturbating each other. So I suggested it to him, and he said that he didn't know what masturbation was (he is a REALLY sheltered kid). I said to him that I would show him, but he had to take off his shorts first. He said OK, but first he had to dim the lights. So I let him do that and he pulled down his shorts to reveal Hawaiian-themed boxers. I told him to sit next to me on the couch and to spread his legs apart. As he was sitting down, I noticed a slight poke in his boxers, signaling that it was a good time to start. So I said to him that masturbating was a way of making yourself feel good by rubbing your dick. He nodded and asked me to show him. I said alright and grabbed his dick through his boxers. I started rubbing the head with a few fingers and immediately began moaning. I rubbed his penis for about a minute (it felt about 2 inches long) and then stopped and said that THAT was masturbating. I told him that if he wanted me to do anything else, that he would have to do the same. So he reluctantly agreed and grabbed my hard dick and wrapped his hand around it. His first words were, Holy shit, your dick is HUGE! I laughed and said that I was lucky. So he slowly started jacking me off and I soon went back to doing it to him. We sat there for a good 10 minutes, slowly jacking each other off, until suddenly Josh said to stop, that he was going to pee. I said that that was the best part, but he wouldn't have it. He stopped jacking me off and pulled away. He went back over and turned on the lights. It was at this point that I noticed that he had a slight wet spot on his boxers. I said to him, come on, lets see it. He said see what. I replied, your dick. And he slowly pulled his boxers back to show me his dick. I had been right, it was only about 2 inches long and had a few scraggly hairs, but other than that, not much else. He suddenly pulled it up and explained that he had to go to the bathroom. I knew what he was doing in there, so I finshed off myself.

We didn't talk about it the next day, but a week later, I got another request for a sleepover. This time, I said that it should be at my house. So he came over, same formula, pizza, movie, video games, blah blah blah. At about 1, I said to Josh, do you want to do that thing again. And he said yeah, but this time, we should do it without boxers. As soon as he said that, my dick went rock hard. I managed to say OK without screaming, so we both pulled down our pants and boxers to reveal our rock hard dicks. He looked at mine and said, wow it really is huge. I replied that his was pretty big too, even though it wasn't. So we slowly started to jack each other off. We were both groaning and moaning and it was insane. It felt a hundred times better than doing it yourself. Suddenly I noticed that Josh's breathing had quickened and that he was thrusting his hips slightly. I looked over at him to see if he wanted to stop, but his eyes were shut. Suddenly his hips thrust forwards and out came the most cum I had ever seen in my life apart from my first time. It got all over him, his dick, my hand, everywhere. He slowly stopped and said that he had had enough. But I said, c'mon, you've still got to do me. So he said OK and jacked me off until I came. He was amazed at mine because it was way more than he had done. So there we were sitting there covered in cum, both having just given our first full handjob to another guy. We didn't say a word and instead just grabbed some tissues and cleaned ourselves up. We both went to bed and woke up the next morning and left.

A week later, he called just to see if I wanted to hang out for the afternoon. I went over there and found out that his parents were going to the airport to pick up his brothers from college. So he and I went downstairs and stripped down completely. Then Josh said that he had heard of something before called oral sex. I knew exactly what this was, but decided to play dumb. He told me that it was when someone either got their dick sucked on or sucked another dick. He asked me if I wanted to try it with him. I said sure, why not. So I agreed to suck Josh's dick first. He sat down on the couch and I slowly moved my mouth towards his now 3 inch dick and then, all at once, engulfed it in my mouth. The taste of his cock was incredible. It was like a mixture of a non greasy sausage and a very slight salty taste. He started moaning and groaning. I kept on sucking. Suddenly after about 2 minutes, he said, oh God, I'm gonna cum! And he started thrusting his hips forward, and suddenly let out this high-pitched yelp and I felt the cum gush out of his cock. This was my first time ever tasting cum, and I have to say, it tasted great. It tasted a bit like unsweetened eggnog. So anyways, I let Josh cool down and told him that a promise was a promise. So I sat down and he kneeled down and started sucking on my cock. At first, he wasn't all that good, mainly because he couldn't get it down (it had grown and was almost 4.5 inches long by then) but he slowly found a way to get it in. That was probably the best feeling that I have ever had. It really is indescribable how it felt to have my dick sucked. But eventually after about 2 minutes, I came right inside of Josh's mouth, and he swallowed it all. We got really lucky, because right as we had both gotten our clothes on, his parents came back, and I had to go home.

Unfortunately, by this point, it was mid-November, just about to be winter time, and we lived on opposite ends of town, so it made it hard to do any sleepovers. But one night, about a week after Christmas, Josh said that he could have a sleepover at his house. I jumped at the idea of another night with Josh. So when I got over to his house, it was same routine. Around 10, Josh said that once his parents went to bed, he had something special. So around 12, his parents went to bed and he said that he would be right back. He went over to his brothers room and came out a minute later holding a bag from CVS and a DVD. I asked him what shitty DVD we were going to watch, and he said to just wait. He put the DVD in and hit play. He told me to turn around so he could get to a certain point. After about a minute, Josh told me to turn around. I did and was immediately hit with a video of two guys making out on a table. I looked over at Josh and he said that his brother had this in his room and that he had watched it and wanted to try some things. I already had a pretty good idea what "things" were, so I asked what. He said that he wanted to fuck me. I hid my enthusiasm pretty well and asked him if he knew how. He said that his brother had told him what to do and had even shown him how. So I said alright what do we do first, to which he replied, this. He reached over and grabbed my crotch and started rubbing it. Instinctivly, I reached for his. We sat down and just sat there rubbing each other's crotches. Then suddenly he stopped and stood up. He took off his shirt and his shorts to reveal a very tight pair of light blue briefs. I grabbed my shorts and yanked them down and took off my shirt and revealed to him my red boxers. He slowly sat down on my lap and leaned in closer to my face. I knew what was coming, so I opened my mouth and sure enough, his tongue slipped right into my mouth. I don't know how long we sat there just kissing, but eventually, I stopped and slowly pulled down his briefs. I revealed his penis, standing at attention, waiting to do anything. I slowly got down on my knees, but Josh said, no, no blowjobs. So, I knew exactly what that meant. I managed to stammer, do you want to fuck me? He nodded and grabbed the CVS bag and pulled out a thing of vaseline. He asked me do you know what to do, and I replied, of course. So he pulled down his briefs and got on the couch doggy style. I took a glob of vaseline and put it right up to his asshole. I slowly put it all around and then, with a huge glob on my finger, went into his ass with my finger. He started to push back, which was good and he was moaning a bit. After I was satisfied that he was lubricated, I grabbed my dick and started pushing it into him. At first, it didn't want to go in at all but suddenly it slid right in. He jumped at this a little bit, so I slowly pushed in and told him to push back just like earlier. Eventually, I got my entire dick into his ass. I slowly started to pull out and then push back in when I was about halfway out. I started off really slowly at first, but as I started to go towards cumming, I started to get faster and faster. The feeling was amazing. It was like my dick was surrounded by warm waterbeds, but a thousand times better. Suddenly, I was about to cum and I started to pull out, but Josh said to keep it in, he wanted to feel my cum in him. So I stayed in and came right inside of him. It was a huge amount, so when I pulled out, it started trickling down his ass and onto the couch. So I grabbed a cup and put it under his ass until it was all out. Then it was my turn. I had just had the biggest orgasm of my life and I was already rock hard again at the prospect of being fucked. I suddenly felt a glob of vaseline rubbing itself against my asshole. And then it slowly went in as Josh's finger went in. Then, he pulled his finger out. Suddenly, I felt his stiff member poking into me and slowly going in. I had never felt anything this good before in my life. There was only a slight amount of pain while he was going in but once he got all the way in, I relaxed and just let him fuck me. He started slow, like I did. The feeling was incredible, having his body slam into mine and feeling his bush right at the top of my ass. Suddenly after about 2 minutes, he started to go really fast and then all of a sudden I felt the most peculier feeling in my ass. It was like I had water up there and I realized that he had just came inside of me. It was an amazing feeling. We used the same cup to collect his cum from my ass. After my ass had been drained, we both went to take a shower together (there was a shower downstairs). We both started to soap each other up in order to wash the vaseline off of our dicks and out of our asses. We eventually did that and we were clean as whistles. We stepped out of the shower and dried off and then went back out. We finished up the night by 69ing each other until we came. Then we put back on our clothes and climbed into bed and went to sleep.

Please only positive comments, if you find this offensive, then why are you reading this. If I get good comments, I will tell you about the next sleepover, where we introduced his brother.


My Friend Kyle

Keywords: Blowjob, Boy, Boy / Boy, Erotica, First Time, Gay, Oral Sex, Teen Male / Teen Male

Introduction: A guy's bi friend named Kyle.

Hello! This is my first story. I was inspired by a guy who also wrote stories her. Ok! Let me tell you that in ALL my stories I will be the protagonist even if they're fantasy, it’s just easier for me to write them that way! But that doesn't mean I won't write as a third person!)

His name was Kyle and he was the most unbelievably beautiful guy I had ever seen. At 15 he stood 5’10” and boasted around 140 lbs of perfect teenage jock muscles. His long and shaggy blonde hair and eyes so brown they appeared black, a button nose and the most adorable dimples when he smiled had me enthralled since the day we first met. He was the star athlete and “cock-of-the-walk” in this small town and had his choice of girls. He was physically stunning and he knew it. This was a good thing, as he seemed to enjoy showing off his many attributes, including often going bare-chested under his signature faded jean jacket and wearing “spray on” jeans that left nothing to the imagination. I knew he was left-handed before I even knew his name.

Add to all of that the fact that he was just about the nicest guy you’d ever want to know and I was head over heels. I tried to be near him as often as possible no matter how much sleep I lost while splashing out load after load every night fantasizing about him. I was driving myself crazy with mad desire for him but I couldn’t make a play for him in this early 80’s small town. I wasn’t as worried about being found out as I was over the possibility of losing our friendship.

In retrospect I now realize that I had given myself away with my behavior in his presence. He would catch me looking at him and grin at me slyly or wink. When we were alone together he would talk endlessly about sex. He was a self-proclaimed pervert who never stopped thinking about or actively pursuing sex. His magazine collection was legendary and he would often brag to me how many times he had jerked off in a day and he would often take off his shirt at some point. I think he got off on being looked at. He always flaunted his nudity in the locker room and would challenge the other guys to see whose cock was bigger. If he got hard in the shower he’d laugh and start chasing guys around the room waving his massive boner at them and threatening to give it to anyone he caught. He was so charming and well liked by everyone that he got away with it without anyone thinking about it. Like everyone else I was oblivious.

One weekend my parents went out of town and left me alone. I immediately planned a party. I had invited a small circle of friends including Kyle. We were all pretty drunk and everything was in full swing when a group of girls showed up. They had brought along Megan, a new girl in town who was, I was sure, the only girl Kyle hadn’t f***ed yet. Although he was sloppy drunk he began putting the moves on her and eventually they were seen sneaking into my bedroom. About 20 minutes later the girl exited the room and left with some of the girls. The guys joked that Kyle must be losing his touch if he only lasted 20 minutes. I peeked into my room and saw him passed out flat on his back and buck-naked on my bed. I went over to get a better look at the star of my sexual dreams. His body was perfect. Wide and thickly muscled shoulders lying above a well-defined chest and washboard abs gave him that wonderful “V” shape that leads the eye inexorably down to his virtually non-existent waist and the treasures below like a pointing arrow. He had gotten a lot of sun over the summer, turning his smooth skin a copper-brown. The band of pale white skin around his groin drew my attention to his perfect cock like a spotlight. I felt my blood pulsing and my cock throbbing. So close was I to throwing all sense to the wind and crawling in beside him I quickly threw a blanket over him to remove the temptation. I closed the door and rejoined the party where I learned that Kyle apparently couldn’t get it up and then passed out with the girl. Everyone laughed good-naturedly and the party continued. I couldn’t keep my mind off the beautiful naked boy in my bed. The rest of the evening was pure torture. Soon enough the beer ran out and everyone left.

I locked the front door and then flew to my room. He was in the same position as before but had kicked off the blanket and was now snoring. I also noticed that his perfect 8” uncut cock was hard and bouncing up and down on his rippled tummy right at his navel which was filled with his glistening nectar. Every time his cock bounced it made a little wet sound as the fat drop of pre-cum oozing from the tip of his pole was splashed into it. My blood was on fire and surging into my painfully engorged cut 7 incher. I was shaking as I quietly stripped off my clothes. I left my tighty-whities on for the moment. They were by now sticky with my own freely flowing lube juice.

I slowly climbed into the bed beside him, careful not to wake him. As I slid my body next to his I could feel his body heat on my exposed skin causing my granite like member to jump and spasm in my shorts. I was very close to blowing but managed to calm myself enough to forestall my building orgasm. My heart was beating like a hummingbird’s and my breathing became quick and shallow. I was lightheaded and overwhelmed with the prospect of what I intended. I could no longer deny myself as my animal lust took over. I knew what a risk I was taking but couldn’t stop. My shaking hand moved gingerly over the expanse of his hairless torso. I gently pinched one of his quarter sized pink nips as my hot mouth moved over the other. I had never been so turned on before in my life.

I slowly inched my body closer to his and froze when I felt my painfully engorged cock contact his hand. There was no reaction so I moved my hand down to his raging hard on. I dipped my finger into his overflowing navel and brought it to my mouth. His juice was salty-sweet and caused me to moan. I deliriously reached over and purposefully placed my hand directly on his juicy meat. The steel hard rod was slick with his honey as I began to slide my hand up the shaft. I pulled the generous foreskin over the large purple head and saw more honey pulse from it. I couldn’t resist leaning over and sticking the tip of my tongue into the pre-cum filled cup formed by the soft folds of his foreskin. I brought my mouth closer and sucked the head into my hot wet mouth and swirled my tongue around it as I pulled down the skin. My mouth was suddenly filled with his essence causing me to suck harder. Kyle’s slow regular breathing started to quicken and I stopped what I was doing. Almost immediately I felt a hand come down on the back of my head pushing my mouth back onto the monster dick.

“Don’t stop!” I heard his voice whisper above me.

I couldn’t believe it was true. I was sucking off the sexy straight guy of my dreams and he wanted more! I was more than happy to indulge him.

I dove back onto his tasty meat with a newly acquired level of passion. I stopped swallowing him only long enough to take his meaty balls into my sucking mouth.

“That’s so f***in’ good!” he moaned as both of his hands pushed me all the way down the length of his tool.

I handled it like a pro and continued deep-throating him until I felt his hand on my dick begin to fumble around trying to release my roaring stiffy from the sticky confines of my underwear. I released him from my sucking frenzy to remove the last obstacle between our surging bodies. As I pulled my shorts off Kyle rolled over on top of me and ground his dripping hard cock into my own. He pressed his lust filled chest against mine and suddenly we were kissing. His hot tongue probed deeply into my mouth, then he pulled my tongue into his mouth and began sucking on it like I had sucked on him. His hands were cupping my ass and roughly mashing our fun-sticks together. I was nearing a level of excitement I had never before known and in immanent danger of blowing my load between our now heaving bodies.

I pulled my tongue out of his mouth and breathed into his ear, “I can’t believe this is happening. This is so f***ing hot!”

He grinned mischievously at me and suddenly lifted off me, turned around and sucked my rigid bone to the base. When my mouth opened to gasp he deftly inserted his own and I was lost. The hormones raging through my young body had me reeling in ecstasy. My hands reached up to his ass and pulled him fully into my throat. He began to thrust his meat in and out to a frenzied beat and sucked wildly on my over stimulated cock. My brain shorted out as my body convulsed in electric ecstasy. My last shred of restraint was gone and I let loose the most intense orgasm of my young life. Pulse after pulse I was wracked with rapture. I was seeing stars and still shooting my love-spunk down Kyle’s throat in wave after wave of joy. At that point his deeply thrusting member began it’s own series of pulses and I tasted his hot pearls of passion. I pushed up on his hips so that I could feel him blasting on my tongue.

We continued to suck each other until our tremors calmed and our breathing began to return to normal. My dick was still hard and Kyle’s sucking mouth started to get me going again. I began to thrust into him again.

He pulled me out and laughed. “You’re a maniac!”

“And you’ve done this before!” I quipped.

He turned himself back around and we were face to face. His hands brought our still roaring hard cocks together and rubbed slowly up and down. His face moved closer to mine so I pulled him the rest of the way and we were kissing again. Hot, slow and deep.

We rolled our bodies around together on the bed, rubbing and hugging each other when Kyle suddenly was on top of me again. He then proceeded to blow the last remnants of my mind by taking my tortured hardness in his hand and sitting down on it in one fluid motion. I had barely registered what was happening while he began squatting up and down on me. I instantly started to cum inside his gloriously hot hole as I watched him jerk out his own load all over my face and chest.

With my still hard cock inside him he leaned over and licked his jizz from my face. I grabbed his head and forced our mouths together and got to taste him again. Gradually our hard cocks softened and we lay together cuddling for a while enjoying the closeness.

“We can do that again anytime you want!” I enthused.
Kyle just laughed again and kissed me.

So what do you guy think? Did you like it? Because if you didn't I won't write anymore!!!


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